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Legal notice

Andreas Giger
Switzerland (CH)

For more information create a ticket.


- Processed Data
We use your E-Mail to contact you. We also require a username (public) and a password. The password is saved encrypted, to add more security to our system. We do not save any payment-data. IP-Adresses will be saved to get information about behaviour on your account. All data is used in our system and will not be published by us. You have permission to ask, what of your data is being saved on our system (you can download a file containing your data on your account page).

- Deletion of the data
If data is no more needed, we delete it immediately, aslong as there is no storage-dutie. All your data will be deleted for ever, when you delete your account. You have permission to request an instant deletion of your data (create a ticket).

- Purpose of the procession
The data has to be processed to give you access to your account and other content. All the data is being processed by our system and is not accessable for third-party.

- Cookies
We only use \"Session Cookies\". These cookies are only valid for the current session (until you close your browser), they will be deleted after that. No other kind of cookie is being used.

- Contact
If you contact us (by ticket), all the given data will only be used for this request and is getting deleted afterwards. If a request is nolonger used, it will be deleted.

- Social Media
We have onlineprecenses on social media, to inform our users and interests about news.
Instagram Inc. (https://instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/).

To identify bots we use RECAPTCHA by Google LLC (https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/).

Terms Of Use

- Modification or abuse of our software
Modifying our software is forbidden and will be punished. Also we are permitted to remove your access to our software, if you abuse it. Our software includes our website.

- Unreasonable profiles
If we think your profile is unreasonable, you will receive an E-Mail. We expect you to change this then. If no reaction is shown to this E-Mail, we are permitted to change your profile or even delete it. A temporary E-Mail is unreasonable.

- Unreasonable behavior
We expect every player to have a good behavior to not disturb the game-session. If this should not be the case, we will punish you with a temporary ban.

- VoIP (Voice over IP) Servers
Using any sort of soundboard or voice changers on our VoIP Servers is not allowed and will be punished.

- Automatic Updates
Our software updates itself without asking you.

- Errormessages
Our software automatically reports errors to our system. This helps us, finding errors in our software.

- Disclaimer
We do not take responsibility, if our users use copyrighted content. Also if there is a political offense, we will not take responsibility.


- AwesomeFont
We are using icons from AwesomeFont. We changed the color of the icons and converted them to another format (.png).
License: https://fontawesome.com/license

- Font: Lane
We are using the free font called 'Lane'.
Dafont: https://www.dafont.com/lane.font

- Font: Tovari Sans
We are using the free font called 'Tovari Sans'.
Dafont: https://www.dafont.com/tovari-sans.font